Let’s Go Cruizin’ Again

Lets Go Cruizin Again

Let’s Go Cruizin’ Again

More memories, featuring Florissant
and Ferguson.

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Personally signed by Author Craig Kaintz

Who knew cruizin is still so popular? The response to Cruizin’ North County, 1950′ to 1970′s, was remarkable. You asked Craig Kaintz and Bill Kasalko for more of your favorite memories and they have delivered. Let’s Go Cruizin’ Again, captures more hangouts, movie theaters, drive-ins, bowling alleys, skating rinks, 5 & 10′s and other ‘cool’ places, especially in Florissant and Ferguson. How about memories and yearbook pictures and more from 21 North County high schools? There is even a section with recipes of many favorite North County restaurants, past and present.
‘Let’s go dancing at the Castaway Club, have dinner at Yacovelli’s, Ruiz or LaRocca’s. Catch a movie at the 270 Drive-in, the Janet or Village Square Theaters, go bowling at Dick Weber Lanes or skating at Hodges. Then we can cruize through Chuck-A-Burger in Ferguson and have a pizza at Fratelli’s, Roberto’s or Pirrone’s – then top it off with a cone at Velvet Freeze, or a malt at Green Lea or Bergjan’s’. Sit back and cruize again with your family and friends… Hey, do you remember when…?
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