Best selling books about memories of growing up & going to school in North St. Louis County

Books About Ferguson & Florissant
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Let’s Go Cruizin’ Again

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Let’s Go Cruizin’ Again

Lets Go Cruizin' Again

More high school memories, recipes; featuring Florissant and Ferguson.
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Personally signed by Author Craig Kaintz

Cruizin’ North County

Cruizin' North County

Remembering our “Happy Days”
growing up in a St. Louis suburb.
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Personally signed by Author Craig Kaintz



Producer Patrick Murphy takes a nostalgic look at North St. Louis County during the 1950s – 1970s era with the authors of the book Cruizin North County, Bill Kasalko and Craig Kaintz. They visit the sites of old landmarks—some still around, some long gone—and stop in at Chuck-A-Burger, a popular joint for teens to take their cars to hang out while cruizin.

In their most recent book, “Let’s Go Cruizin’ Again: Remembering More North County ‘Happy Days,’” authors Craig Kaintz and Bill Kasalko revisit the neighborhoods of their youth. In this follow-up book to the 2008 “Cruizin’ North County: Remembering Our ‘Happy Days’ in a St. Louis Suburb,” the authors focus heavily on Ferguson and Florissant.

Kasalko and Kaintz will take us back with photos and memories they collected while writing their second book, from the schools they ruled to the restaurants they and their friends ate at to where you went to have a little fun.